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Offering dynamic strategic planning and advisory services to CEOs, administrative directors, and organizational leaders who are driven to achieve transformative outcomes. Through strategic analysis, program development, and expert risk management, we pave the path to success.

Successfully reaching your leadership objectives hinges on your capacity to strategize, plan with efficiency, communicate articulately, and adeptly manage risk. Additionally, spearheading efforts to assemble diverse, equitable, and inclusive executive protection support is paramount.


Aspida77 Consulting is committed to strategic planning and risk management, assisting you in formulating a clear vision, devising a transparent strategy, and inspiring your team to achieve it.

We approach your challenges with an independent and objective viewpoint, setting ourselves apart by our capacity to impartially analyze your internal dynamics. Drawing from insights gleaned from top-performing teams in similar organizations and industries, we offer proven strategies to surmount comparable obstacles.

When integrating new human capital, we understand that each organization is at a different stage of its own DE&I journey and strive to support clients in advancing their DE&I goals through a collaborative, thoughtful, and actionable human capital strategy. At Aspida77, our partners have deep functional and sector-specific expertise and have built expansive and diverse professional networks from decades of firsthand experience. As a result, we are committed to bringing a diverse slate of qualified candidates to every search.

When you partner with Aspida77, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and a network of industry-leading experts. Our team's expertise is unparalleled, enabling us to deliver top-tier guidance, training, and support tailored to your specific requirements. We possess an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the protection industry, allowing us to customize our services to align with your distinct needs.

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Our Services


From expert consulting to comprehensive integration of human capital, training, and unparalleled protective services, Aspida77 has you shielded every step of the way.

Planning, coordinating, and promptly responding to any crisis, emergency, or incident that could potentially harm your organization and its people, operations, assets, performance, and reputation.

At Aspida77, we have assembled a seasoned and well-networked services team committed to aligning industry trailblazers and visionary leaders with advanced service-oriented enterprises at every phase of growth. Recognizing the paramount significance of precision at the executive level, we are steadfast in addressing the dynamic requirements of our clients and their distinct enterprises.

Comprehensive security assessment, planning, and execution services supporting major, mass-gathering, high-profile, or sensitive events ranging from sports and entertainment acts to conventions, association gatherings, and large outdoor public events.

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Aspida77's security training courses are unparalleled, equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic field of security and executive protection. Our comprehensive programs cover a range of essential topics, from tactical techniques to crisis management, emphasizing personal development and leadership. 

Our Women in Protection program is recognized as an ASIS International Preferred CPE Partner.

Aspida77 offers comprehensive travel risk management services tailored to safeguard individuals during both domestic and international trips. Our team evaluates travel destinations, conducts thorough threat assessments, and proactively implements measures to mitigate risks. We specialize in planning and coordinating safety, security, and logistical aspects crucial for executive and employee travel, addressing potential threats ranging from criminal activity and terrorism to natural disasters and medical emergencies.

Program assessment, planning, and execution of protective services ranging from the accompaniment of an executive on business or personal travel to site advances, hospital surveys, intelligence collection, and liaison with local and federal law enforcement, venue security management, emergency, and medical professionals. 

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Our global team of specialists is prepared to assist you in identifying the appropriate security and risk management approach for your needs.

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